Manufacturing Equipment

We use high-quality materials, like: Q235/Q345 steel possessing excellent plasticity, forming ability and welding performance. We will supply Q345D steel to customers in extremely cold areas, which can withstand -20-degree temperatures. Additionally, we can finish an entire welded pipe made of strip steel from de-coiling and straightening, forming and welding to the cleaning process of acid.

Concurrently, we use tube cutting, punching, flattening and other effective production technology to manufacture product parts strictly according to the required specifications.

Coronet’s 4 automatic welding machines, featuring the new digital galvanometer, with strong anti-interference ability and high welding precision, can make products parts fabricated by welding precisely to the required size and quality. This machine effectively avoids defects such as welding distortion, blowholes, slags, cracks and so on.

At the same time, the frame welding team places the frame material into the production machine, ensuring the front and back sides are welded expertly.

Repair techniques such as shaping, zinc slag removing, deburring are completed in the processing workshop to ensure high quality and the compatibility after the surface treatment process.

Meanwhile, the company's warehouse with 30,000㎡ of space, can store scaffolds according to their product type. Our delivery cycle is about 25-30 days. We will try our best to provide customers with a shorter delivery cycle for greater customer satisfaction.